Cloud Communications

Cloud Communications

When you combine business communications, mobility and the cloud, something wonderful happens: borders disappear, barriers collapse, costs drop and productivity rises. It’s happening today at businesses around the globe through the power of cloud communications. If this sounds like the kind of business you want, it’s time to move your voice, collaboration and customer service to the cloud.

Save money with hosted PBX
Get the same great voice quality and features you’ve come to expect out of a communications and collaboration system without all the hardware and maintenance costs—just a predictable, low, fixed monthly cost.
Public, private and hybrid cloud
Cloud communications isn’t an all-or-nothing endeavor. There are several deployment models you can choose from depending on your business’s unique situation, and you can shift from one approach to another over time.
The cloud-enabled workforce
In a mobile world smartphones, mobile apps and cloud replace traditional tools. With cloud, your business turns communications into a competitive advantage driving productivity and delivering exceptional customer experience.
Customer experience tools
Your business can deliver exceptional service on every cloud-based contact center solution call. Take advantage of unlimited scalability, seamless mobility & integrated technology that brings business communications and business intelligence together.

The Cloud-Enabled Mobile Workforce


In the mobile cloud era, work is something you do, not somewhere you go. With cloud communications, you get the freedom to get more done in more places, to connect offices together seamlessly and enjoy powerful communications and collaboration tools on any device.

Have mobile, will travel

Communications are as personal as our mobile devices. With Mitel, the power to be productive is always within reach. Employees enjoy the same feature-rich voice, video and collaboration tools from any device, anywhere in the world.

Cloud Communications
Cloud Communications

Bring people together

Whether you have five employees or five thousand, you need to work as a team to be effective. Cloud communications can connect offices and individuals seamlessly to support real-time collaboration and bring customers closer.

Boost productivity

The average worker spends one-fifth of their time looking for information and coworkers, but who wants to be average? Boost productivity and efficiency with cloud communications tools that speed up interactions while keeping information secure.

Cloud Communications

Business communications used to be all about the hardware. Not anymore.

Enhanced capabilities. Greater efficiency. Reduced costs. Increased flexibility. Cloud-based communications deliver a host of advantages for companies of all sizes and users of all sophistication levels. MiCloud delivers these advantages like no other platform on the market


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