Marketing On Hold

The Art of Captivating A Captive Audience.

Make your Business worth the wait with stellar Marketing On Hold Messaging! 

Hear Our Voice.

Hate hearing you're own voice? No worries, we have some talented smooth talkers who'll get your message across.

Ms. Congeniality

Everyone loves her, everyone wants to be her....She's smart, she's beautiful, she's a diffuser of high stress situations! If you don't like her you have no heart. A neutral and upbeat voice, Ms. Congeniality is always professional, clear, and easy to understand. She's perfect for any type of business and any marketing campaign. 

Amanda Marketing On Hold

Dapper Dan

Wisdom and whisky are the vibes our Dapper Dan gives. He speaks from knowledge and experience, in the most reassuring way.  Dapper Dan puts a smooth and cool spin on any message your business needs to get out there to your customers. He's articulate and precise. 


If her voice were a drink it would be full of bubbles! Personality filled with fireworks and unshakable robustness, is what she always delivers.  

Sasha Marketing on Hold

The Gent

His voice is buttery, and smooth. The perfect amount of youth wrapped around a dash of bass. He's hip and he knows it, but has the confidence of a sage beyond his years!

The Abbey

There's something to be said for a British accent. It wraps you in warmth and makes you feel cozy inside. There's nothing more pleasing to the ear than the softness of an upper crust twist! 

Mumzy Marketing on Hold

Just A Sample.

These are just a sample of the voice talents that we offer. Need something you didn't hear here? No worries, we can offer you talent in any language you request, and of any speed, tone, and dialect you prefer. 

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