Carrier Services

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Nothing is more frustrating than a telephone or internet outage! Spending endless hours working with impersonal customer service centers, loss of business, and then opening a ridiculous bill from  your carrier! ARRRGGG!!!

Relax...let Towner tackle the hard stuff. We can streamline your success with one point of contact (yours truly), and handle your carrier services in a personal way ensuring your solutions are optimized  for your business. Just like hiring a house keeper, we can save your sanity and keep you in a zen like state of mind! Oh and we'll have you money too!

Our business is super old which means we've built a ton of connections with the cutting-edge, most trusted, and reliable providers. They're names everyone is familiar with and even some that aren't so well known.  This means that we can offer you the best carrier services prices the industry has to offer.

Carrier Services

Reduce Costs & Increase Reliability

Bottom line...Stop paying for what you don't need!
Phone Bill Audit

Our audit services provide a full examination of your company’s telecommunications costs. We’ll look at your local telephone bills, wireless services, Internet charges and long distance calling ensuring you're not being billed for services you do not need. From there, we can determine if you're on the best plans available, empowering you to save money and time!

Local & Long Distance Services

Towner Communications offers stellar service, in the Kansas City Metro and nationwide. Serving the Midwest since the 1960's, we have strong relationships with all of the service providers. This means you can painlessly compare options in the marketplace. We’ll review your local and long distance service needs and ensure you get the best phone services, for your business, at the lowest possible price.

Data Services

We work with you to identify cost effective solutions that consistently deliver higher bandwidths and reliability. We'll help you manage voice, video and data, across a single pipe, while ensuring maximum uptime with minimal costs. Technologies such as MPLS and Cloud Networking can provide fantastic SLAs (Service Level Agreements) at competitive rates. Wi-Fi, Fixed Wireless and Wimax are also technologies can be delived, where available.


Multiprotocol Label Switching is a highly-scalable telecom protocol, capable of transmitting high volumes of data. It offers multi location businesses a very cost-effective way to connect all of their locations, with voice and data services. Using MPLS, you can enable IP Phone System station-to-station dialing, desktop and conference room video, as well as highly-secure high speed internet data transmissions.

Cable Services

Cable services are a priceless solution for businesses that require phone service, high-speed Internet access and television services.Both cable services and cable fiber services can be an incredible alternative to traditional T1 services, saving you both time and money. Cable services we provide: Coax Cable Internet, TV and Phone Service; Fiber Cable Internet, TV and Phone Service; Cable Could Services


One of the major benefits of high-speed Internet is getting incredibly fast and reliable connectivity at affordable rates. For maximum flexible high-speed Internet connection, businesses can utilize a wireless router, turning your entire facility into a Wi-Fi hotspot. This allows employees to move freely in building, while enjoying high-speed Internet access, and can be accessible to access to visitors.

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