MiTeam Collaboration

MiTeam Collaboration Software

Teamwork should be personal, flexible, simple—more like a labor of love than work. Because better teamwork means success, we’ve created MiTeam. It’s one tool that lets you do everything – messaging, voice, video, collaboration and more – on any device, from wherever you are, through the power of Mitel.

MiTeam Benefits

Store it, find it, share it
In a sea of data, we're your life preserver. You can store data by project, subject or person and instantly retrieve information including emails, IM conversations, documents and more—all from a single screen.
40% less email
Break the cycle of endless email strings and bloated inboxes. Get real-time answers to real-time questions with the full context of relevant files, action items and conversation history.
Get more out of everyday tools
MiTeam works with your favorite business tools right out of the box—Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.—to boost your productivity without sacrificing flexibility. You get more out of the tools you use everyday with a simple interface to manage it all.




The average worker spends 20% of their time searching for information and tracking down colleagues.-McKinsey & Company, 2014