Extended Warranty Programs

Extended Warranty Programs

Communication solutions are the very life blood of a business, but all too often they’re the very last thing a company thinks about. We revel in this fact, it means that our solutions work, and not only do they work, they are top performing and low maintenance. However, every well-oiled machine needs the occasional checkup to ensure that it stays at optimal performance condition. This is why we offer our clients our top of the line Extended Warranty Plans.

Our extended warranty plans are recommended and customized to help our business partners optimize the performance and value of their Unified Communications Solution. Ultimately, our programs cut out expensive repair costs and in doing so, strengthens your bottom line.

Our business partners have the four stellar options that have been designed to support the growth of your business by keeping your communications highly functional and minimizing your risk of any costly repairs that might arise during the life of your system.


  • Premium (24x7)
  • Standard (8x5)
  • Software Assurance and Vendor Support
  • Block of Time


Peace of mind is at the core of every good service. To get it you need to be sure that the most important details of your telecommunications solution will be taken care of properly, accurately, and on time. This assurance can come only from a service provider that truly understands your needs, the project at hand, and the strengths and weaknesses of each element.

Premium (24x7)
Clients with remote access can enjoy perks including priority service scheduling, FREE minor remote moves-adds-changes, parts & labor coverage, waived trip charges, Software Assurance and upgrades, after hours emergency service, help desk assistance and MUCH MORE!
Standard (8x5)
A great way to control costs and keep your bottom line strong, our 8×5 plan offers high priority scheduling, FREE parts and labor!
Software Assurance
This is a MUST-HAVE plan when you’re working off a software-based system. Software Assurance gives our technician’s easy access to Vendor support, and manufacturer updates and patches to keep your system up-to-date on the latest software
Block of Time
Control your labor costs or use in harmony with any warranty to take care of any labor not covered! Blocks of time gives you dramatic discounts on all of our service labor!