Towner Communications

Towner Communications on Staying Relevant in a Changing Industry

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Towner Communications' Julie Towner on Staying Relevant in a Changing Industry   Acquisition and a willingness to embrace new market opportunities have been the keys to growth for third-generation, family-owned Towner Communications. The company started as a television repair company in 1965. Today it is a thriving B2B telecommunications company. Tune in to hear Julie’s […]

competitive edge

Your Contact Center is Your Competitive Advantage

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Why Your Contact Center is Your Key Competitive Advantage (Video) In this video blog, Mitel’s General Manager for Contact Center Brian Spencer discusses how mobility and big data are influencing customer experience, and how to transform your traditional contact center into a customer experience center for a sustainable competitive advantage.   Video transcript: I’m Brian […]

Team collaboration tools

Surviving Team Collaboration Tools Overload!

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How To Survive Team Collaboration Tool Overload Google “business collaboration tools” and you’ll get 58 million results. Suffice it to say, there’s a proliferation of collaboration tools out there, especially over-the-top (OTT) applications to help your business. Some tools are for chatting, some for conferencing, some for screen sharing, some for file sharing, and so […]

What Pokémon Go Teaches Us about Collaboration Tool Strengths and Weaknesses

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Pokémon GO is a hot topic. It seems you can’t escape it—in the news, on social media, or in your day-to-day life as you see people of all ages hunched over their phones, walking around outside. This wildly popular application has spurred discussions across a variety of topics—health, social interaction, marketing, gamification, pedestrian safety, and […]

K-12 Education’s Best Path to the Cloud

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Whether for cost-savings, BYOD considerations, ease of administration, or reliability, school districts across the United States are actively shifting communication and collaboration to the cloud. As part of this shift, schools and administrative offices are deploying Google’s cloud-based education apps – like Google’s free email services – allowing them to free up millions of dollars […]

How to Record Phone Calls on a Mitel IP Phone

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Mitel’s Record-a-Call feature offers you an easy way to archive calls. You can use this for training purposes, for your own reference, or to keep a record of advice that has been given to a client. Before recording calls, check your legal position. You may need to notify your callers that they are being recorded. This Mitel phone guide […]

Are You Happy with Your Cloud Communications Provider?

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Do you have a cloud communications provider? If you do, are you happy with them? It’s a question many business owners don’t ask themselves enough. Cloud communications is an investment of capital, time, and human resources—an investment that you should be thrilled with. Once we sign contracts, we tend to accept the level of service […]