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Not only are our services more affordable than the competition, we also offer state-of-the-art technology and unbeatable customer service as well. And we round out all of our services with an excellent extended warranty that keeps you covered for years to come.

Typical Monthly Costs of a Traditional Phone System

Number of Users



Cost of Land line
Users per land line
Number of landlines needed

Monthly Cost of Landlines


Long Distance

Average minutes per user
Total minutes per month
Long distance rate
Outbound % of total minutes
Outbound long distance
Long distance minutes

Monthly cost of long distance


Total monthly costs - excluding PBX


Traditional PBX

Original cost of PBX
Monthly cost of PBX - over 4 years
Monthly PBX maintenance/support

Monthly PBX cost incl. maintenance


Total Monthly Cost including PBX


Typical Monthly Costs For a Business VoIP System

Number of Users


Cost per user per month

Total Monthly Cost of Service


Monthly Cost of Long Distance


Average minutes per user

Monthly PBX cost incl. maintenance


Total Monthly Cost - Hosted PBX


Able Care Case Study

Before Towner Solutions

per month

With Towner Solutions

per month

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