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Fully-integrated business communication solutions

Towner Communication’s fully-integrated business communication solutions can be customized to fit your business needs. Our web conferencing and mobile workforce options allow you to stay connected as a team—anytime and anywhere.

Towner Communications offers technology-forward business communication solutions that are proven to help grow businesses. No matter if you’re a one-person show or a multi-million-dollar revenue generator, we connect you to the clients and employees your business needs!

Technology evolves everyday. Don’t be a dinosaur with yesterday’s one-trick-pony solution. Reach your clients and staff no matter where they are and no matter how they connect using state-of-the-art business communication products—because if you don’t, someone else will.

Mitel Unified Communications Trio on landline, mobile phone, and laptop
Here at Towner Communications

We know how to find the unique business communication solutions that best fit your needs

At Towner, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to communication because we understand that every business has different goals and needs. Towner creates a customized solution that’s tailored exactly to your business and allows for steady scaling and growth.

More on Customization
To cloud or not to cloud

Is On-Premise or Cloud hosting right for your business?

Communication in the modern workplace is always changing. To keep up with the latest trends in tools and technology, we provide businesses with a cloud-based communications system that improves workflow, efficiency, and customer experiences.

Is cloud communications is right for your business?


My company has multiple locations

The Towner solution is ideal for connecting your company's multi-location structure. The faster you grow the faster we can integrate! Perfect for franchises

My company needs flexibility

Your business is growing like mad or has seasonal demands. You're leveraging personal mobile devices or looking to blend environments.

Mind on your money

Bundled packages with the ability to mix-and-match features allows you to spend your money where you want to.

I want next-gen apps

Stay ahead of your competition with the latest next-gen apps, add-ons, and customizations that make sense for your team.

All about easy

The beauty of the cloud is that it's built to be simple. Slick, intuitive user interface makes it easy to manage with almost zero training required.


My company needs peace of mind

Towner engineers ensure your solution is ultra redundant. No matter if you prefer centralized or distributed, we design with a flexible and secure architecture.

Always a path to the cloud

Preserve your existing investment, but always keep your options open. We make it easy to find your path to the cloud in a way that makes sense for your business.

I want to lean into my investments

Capitalize on what you already have. Your handsets or ours, Towner has the ability to use what you have and still prep you for when you're ready for the future.

My company has multiple locations

That's cool! We work with companies all over the world to help deliver the best that technology telecom has to offer.

We have a plethora of solutions just waiting to help your business thrive.

Unified Communications

Integrate all your tools into one system that allows easy flow of communication among devices. Unify, eliminate, and communicate!

New Phone System

We offer customizable business phone systems for any size business in any industry. Improve workflow, efficiency, and customer experience!

Virtual Office Solutions

Work doesn’t have to stop when you’re on the go. Our virtual office solutions save you time, money, and improve workplace productivity and collaboration.


Private branch exchange is a telephone system that switches calls between users on local lines while allowing users to share a certain number of external lines.

Interested in business communication solutions?

Just tell us what you need, when you need it, and how to get back with you! We’ll shoot you a free quote and have you back on track and beating your numbers in no time! Why, because helping grow your business is kinda what we do.