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Project Managment

Technology changes so quickly and projects can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer communication strategy project management services. We have the experience and proven track record to alleviate the extra stress that these projects can put on your staff.

We specialize in coordinating all the vendors involved in these projects can have more than 150 years of experience with IT, carriers, general contractors and know the lingo.

We deal with the headache, you deal with your business.

No matter how large or small the project, let us know how much help you need and we will make sure your proposal includes everything.  Our communication strategy project management team works closely with your team to make sure you know exactly the status, risks, outages, delays and successes of your project.

It’s all in the details!

We know that the more time spent focused on the details upfront lead directly to a smooth implementation. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Carrier Changes

Carriers are always eager to save you money on new internet or phone numbers, but are not aware of how this impacts your business specifically. Whether you are working with us to get quotes or already have new service on its way, we can make sure you avoid bumps in the road. We can consult with your carrier and evaluate how their solution can best integrate with your technology.

Solution Installations

Implementing new technology is our No. 1 job and we are great at it. We have management tools to make sure its done right.  A clearly defined scope of work and milestones are the keys to success. Our tools are available in the cloud so we are all in touch every step of the way.

Office Relocation

Relocating a business involves so many moving parts and vendors. One of the biggest mistakes our customers make is forgetting about their phones during this process, when it should actually be a major factor. Let us consult with you and show you what options, technology, and possible cost savings are available. Keep your business moving forward!

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Don't let a new project slow you down. You need to focus on running your business and making money. We've got this!

It’s our job

We work all day, every day implementing and changing communications solutions from top to bottom. You need our knowledge.

Take off one of the hats

Communication includes internet, telephone lines, phones, paging, conferencing and so much more. That's a ton of hats and who is wearing them all? We are here to help.

Give ’em what they want

How you talk to your clients is one of the most important parts of your business—stop making it the last priority and get help from us.

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