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Towner Joins Missouri Task Force To Improve Government Communication Strategies

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As cloud computing and digital collaboration tools become the epicenter of communication in the digital age, government entities and other mission-driven organizations like universities and nonprofits are pushed to do more when it comes to communication. 

Towner Communications works with companies across industries to implement better communication systems that are designed to target the specific needs of that business and its consumers. 

As part of the Missouri Call Center Task Force, we are working to improve the state’s communication strategies alongside other experts in the field. We are using our expertise and our community experience to help craft a useful and specialized strategy that just makes sense for our friends and neighbors in the community.

The Importance of Government Communication 

In our experience, we’ve found that government agencies often forget that they too have customers. Residents pay taxes, choose to live in a certain area, and utilize services of the business that is the government.

Because of this, they deserve quality customer service just like any other private sector business. Governments must put their customers’ needs first and that starts with figuring out how best to reach them. 

With improved government communication strategies that cloud and unified communications, government agencies can help their citizens access accurate and up-to-date information, like emergency responses and projects that impact their daily lives.

These improvements allow for better buy-in from residents to create a culture of trust between the government and residents. It helps implement a level of transparency that is absolutely crucial in communities everywhere. And it establishes a foundation of honesty, clarity, and efficiency. 

Missouri Call Center Task Force Improvements

In November, Missouri recognized the need to improve its public sector communication strategies. It has created a Call Center Task Force to bring together community members and industry leaders to help streamline and simplify services in a way that fits the needs and daily lives of Missouri residents. 

The state’s call centers have combined with the Hawthorn Foundation, a diverse group of experts in fields such as education, hospitality, and economic development to create a system that improves customer experience and operational efficiency. 

We are honored to be part of this exciting initiative as the only telecommunications company currently consulting with the task force at this time!

Together, we are working to identify best practices in government communication solutions and develop specific recommendations for how to transform the state’s approach to call centers, with the ultimate goal of ensuring better, more positive customer experiences. 

Our team at Towner approaches the Missouri Call Center Task Force the same way we tackle any private-sector business: with experience, expertise, and empathy.


We have over 67 years of experience in telecom services—and if you know anything about technology, you know that a lot has changed within the last 60 years. We strive to stay on top of all of the trends and new technologies to make sure we continue to provide the best cutting-edge solutions for all types of industries no matter the year. 

We also have experience locally helping government agencies update their phone systems and communication strategies, including the City of Lansing. This specific experience helps us figure out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to public sector communications.


Our team specializes in only phones, which makes us a natural fit for the Missouri Call Center Task Force. Some companies try to specialize in every possible option under the sun and offer so many services that it’s hard to truly be an expert at any one thing.

Because we are truly experts at phones, we are able to expedite services and offer more specialized support to our customers. 


And at the end of the day, we truly care about our customers. Our main goal is to foster long-lasting relationships with companies that make a broader impact on our community. No two projects are alike and we tackle each and every project with empathy, support, and creativity in order to make sure the right solution is found every single time.

We hope to enhance public sector communications for all Missouri residents with our involvement in the Missouri Call Center Task Force. Learn more about our approach to communication solutions today! 

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