Communication Systems for Schools and Universities

Today’s ever-changing education landscape requires reliable communication that helps keep students, staff, faculty, and alumni connected. Our education communication systems are ideal for schools and universities looking for ways to stand out as leaders in the industry and provide better learning experiences inside and outside the classroom.

What are you looking for in your phone system?

Stay Up to Date

Invest in newer, better technologies

Students, parents, and faculty expect learning technologies to match the speed and accessibility they experience in their everyday lives. A modern communication system with better technologies can improve student success and help them communicate and work together in a way that makes sense.

Expand Opportunities

Offer more for less

Open your classroom to greater opportunities through virtual guest lectures, recorded classes, online collaboration, and more. With the ability to personalize and maximize each class, your students and faculty will have more flexibility and control over their learning with our advanced communication solutions.

Increased Productivity

Provide a better experience

Meet your team’s needs faster and more efficiently with streamlined and scalable communication solutions. Our products integrate applications you already use to help administrators customize communications across all demographics and campuses to reach students whenever and wherever they’re at.

Reduce Costs

Maximize your technology budget

Spend your money where it counts: your students. By implementing cost-effective solutions that minimize maintenance, hardware, and headache, your team can save time and money on operating costs. We can design a communication strategy for schools of all shapes and sizes based on any budget and all needs.

Why Towner Communications?


With over 67 years of experience in telecom services, we know a thing or two about communication.


At the end of the day, we truly care about our customers and work hard to foster long-lasting relationships that make an impact.


By specializing only in phones, our streamlined services offer faster solutions for your educational facility


We partner with industry leaders to provide top-notch services that enhance your productivity and your bottom line.

Ready to build your education communication plan?

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