The Now of the Hybrid Work Force

Welcome to the  NOW of the Hybrid Work Force

Now that we’re past the initial shock and scramble of adjusting to a post-pandemic landscape, it’s time to evaluate what’s working and plan to thrive, not just survive. Whatever comes next, it’s clear that hybrid workforces and virtual contact centers will play a major role in the future of business.

The challenge is to strike a balance between business survival and scalable growth, privacy and accountability, security and collaboration, structure and flexibility. Fortunately, as the definition of work continues to evolve, communications services and technology are advancing. Businesses that can combine the right tech with the right processes and skillsets will be well-equipped to lead the pack. In this guide, we’ll explore the challenges and opportunities in the now of work, with advice from analysts and practitioners in the field.

Flexibility & Growth

How To Plan

Connect & Collaborate

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Security & Compliance

Find The Why

Creating a Hybrid Workforce

Ensure your remote employees are as connected and supported as in-office staff. Employees should be able to switch from in-office to remote seamlessly as circumstances demand.

Scaling Hybrid and Remote Solutions

Business infrastructure should be equipped to handle remote work at scale, including secure connectivity and device options for employees.

Winning the Virtual Customer Experience

Every business is now online. It's critical that your customers have an epic and flawless experience with your brand online.

Empowering Employees to Provide Virtual Customer Experience

You have to develop robust remote contact center abilities, to ensure that remote workers can provide the same amazing experience they would in-office.

Here's what the experts have to say

Greg KihlströmCEO and Co-Founder, CareerGig

Technology works best when we allow it to help us do things in new and efficient ways, not simply recreate the way things are done in real life.”

Michael Krigsman Industry Analyst and Host, CXOTALKIndustry Analyst and Host, CXOTALK

Make it easy for your customers to connect and be sure to make them feel comfortable and supported. Simplicity is essential.”

Marsha CollierAuthor, The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide

Keep in mind that customers are more emotional these days and may become frustrated by small issues. Be where they are!"

Collaboration & Connection


Collaboration and communication are the lifeblood of modern business—it’s all about breaking down silos and working together across departments. This new style of working together was a tall order before the pandemic hit, and it’s more challenging with a remote workforce. What’s more, workers are more engaged when they feel connected to each other and to the organization. Those who feel they’re toiling away in isolation are less likely to stay focused, productive and happy. Businesses need to provide the tools that remote and hybrid workers need to communicate and collaborate. Beyond the technology, though, businesses need to implement the training and culture-building to make sure these tools are properly used. Maintaining a connected, efficient and engaged hybrid workforce requires ongoing support from management.

Here's what the experts have to say

Ramon RayFounder,

[Choose] an integrated solution that gives the end user choice in how they might want to huddle or chat or brainstorm.”

Shep HykenCustomer Service and Experience Expert

It can be hard to build trust while distanced, so look for ways to forge personal connections so employees feel engaged.”

Sally EavesEmergent Technology CTO and Global Strategic Advisor

Examine how you need to digitize your business processes so that employees can do
their job anytime, anywhere.”

Security & Compliance

Regulated industries like healthcare, government and financial services have additional remote work challenges. They must not only keep remote workers engaged, but also comply with security and privacy guidelines, all without stifling innovation or throttling productivity. One key element of ensuring security and compliance in a hybrid workforce is streamlining communications. If your employees use different platforms for videoconferencing, collaboration solutions, chat apps, they’re creating more points of vulnerability. Integrated solutions with built-in security can help maintain compliance and facilitate collaboration.

Here's what the experts have to say

Shelly KramerFounding Partner & Senior Analyst, Futurum Research + Analysis

Data security and compliance must be at the forefront of solution consideration, combined with ease of use, scalability and flexibility.”

Frank ThelenFounder & CEO Freigeist Capital

Now more than ever, I suggest getting used to the idea of digitizing processes. Regardless of the current situation, the future of any industry is digital.”

Laurie McCabeCo-Founder and Partner, SMB Group, Inc.

Examine how you need to digitize your business processes so that employees can do their job anytime, anywhere.”

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