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Coronavirus and Your Mobility

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With the impending threat of a skinny work force due to the Coronavirus, businesses are looking for ways to preserve the health of their team and their clients. The mobility doesn’t just mean the ability to collaborate via video conference solutions like ZOOM, doesn’t mean that your people have accuses to work from home just like they were at the office.

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Emergency Communication

Sever Weather Mass Notification Plan

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If the extreme weather conditions of recent years―historic droughts, devastating hurricanes and catastrophic wildfires, among others―have taught us anything, it’s that severe weather can strike at any moment, and every second counts. That’s why all organizations should have a strategic, well-tested emergency communication plan in place.

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City of Lansing: Government communication strategy

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Up until 2018, the City of Lansing was utilizing copper phone lines for its phone service. Copper phone lines have limited bandwidth and are mostly best for POTS, or plain old telephone service. The out-of-date communication system resulted in many different de-centralized systems and ultimately a headache for City Staff to administer the phone system.

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