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COLLABORATION Strategy Fig 1 - compress


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SMB Group’s Impact of COVID-19 Study on SMBs reveals that across the board, a majority of SMBs rate cloud-based applications as being extremely valuable in helping them to weather the COVID-19 crisis. Cloud-based business solutions topped the list, followed by videoconferencing. But for most SMBs all of these solutions—remote IT and access, real-time collaboration, file sharing, backup, security, and identity management— have proved their worth in supporting WFM and keeping businesses up and operational.

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Carrier Services

What you HAVE to know about your Big Box Carrier Services

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Often, I speak with customers that have signed a contract with one the big carrier services corporations and they have ZERO idea what they signed up for. Often carriers will reach out to you and say they can save you money on your current phone and internet bills asking for a copy of your current bill. They return typically with a 3-year contract that is less than what you pay now, so someone signs it.

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