One Destination: The Cloud

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Many Paths, One Destination: The Cloud


As businesses and organizations look for cost savings, options to replace outdated legacy telecom systems and innovative ways to manage business growth, they are realizing that cloud communications provide new opportunities.

According to Gigaom, by 2020, North American companies will have over 27 million employees using hosted communications tools with the European market not far behind. And Towner Communications has a big piece of that hosted communications market—in 2015, we were named the #1 global market share leader in cloud communications for business, powering 1.6 million connections.

According to our research there are 10 major reasons companies are moving to cloud communications. The top reasons include cost savings, increased flexibility, increased scalability, and easier/fast deployment of applications and infrastructure. Find out the other top reasons by checking out our blog post. You can also explore seven key factors of whether or not your business should move communications to the cloud by downloading our paper “How Cloud Communications is Opening up Possibilities (and Floor Space).”

Here’s what Towner Communication hosted customers are saying about why they chose to move to a hosted solution:

“At Bancroft, our strategic goals are to become more agile, more affordable and more innovative. Mitel aligned with our company goals and has helped us unify our communications company-wide. Moving to the cloud allows us to see significant cost savings and be more agile.” – Fina Nash, VP of Information Technology, Bancroft

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“When Mitel presented its cloud solution and the flexibility it provides, I realized it was the way for GPA to go moving forward.” —Mac McIntyre, VP of Technology, Group & Pension Administrators (GPA) 

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“The reliability, value and flexibility of our Mitel Cloud solution is a perfect fit for a growing startup.” – Warren Smith, Founder, Sacramento Republic Football Club LLC “The reliability, value and flexibility of our Mitel Cloud solution is a perfect fit for a growing startup.” —Warren Smith, Founder, Sacramento Republic Football Club LLC

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“Our phone system is crucial and mission critical, especially when it comes to making 911 calls if necessary. It’s important to have a system that works well and is reliable.” —Don Ringelstein, Director of Technology, West Aurora School District

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