How the Hot Desking Feature for the Mitel IP Phone Works

By August 12, 2016 May 3rd, 2019 No Comments

As its name suggests, Hot Desking lets you take your line with you around the office. When it’s active, you simply log into the phone on your current desk, and all of your settings will follow you. This means you can take your telephone profile with you wherever you go.

This Mitel phone guide is for MiVoice Business (also known as Mitel 3300 ICP) users only.

What Hot Desking Does

Hot desking automatically recalls the most important settings you’ve set up on your line, including:

  • Your Hot Desk User Directory number
  • Speed dial presets
  • Feature key settings
  • Call Forwarding settings
  • Line appearances
  • Language preferences
  • Call history

Things to Remember

  • If you change any of these settings while you’re logged in to a Hot Desking phone, your preferences will be saved. Next time you log on – even if you log on to a different phone – the last known settings will be recalled
  • The call history on the phone will be your own call history while you’re logged in. When you log out, the phone will show the call history for all users on that device.