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What you HAVE to know about your Big Box Carrier Services

Often, I speak with customers that have signed a contract with one the big carrier services corporations and they have ZERO idea what they signed up for. Often carriers will reach out to you and say they can save you money on your current phone and internet bills asking for a copy of your current bill. They return typically with a 3-year contract that is less than what you pay now, so someone signs it.

Worse, I get a call from a customer who has that carrier onsite and they are doing a “TTU” or Test and Turn-Up of those services and didn’t know they need to have their telecom vendor on site.

Carrier services corporations use technical language and abbreviations that most people do not understand, and lure you in with the promise of saving you money without doing the leg work to see if the solution is even right for your business. Customers trust the brand name and just go along for the ride. “The ride” is often riddled with double billing scenarios or customers being locked into a 3-year contract for service they don’t even use.

This makes me ANGRY.

Carrier ServicesThe brand name you should trust is Towner. We know what services will work for your business and your existing communication equipment. One phone call will get you in touch with a team that help you make educated decision on what is best for your business.

Here are some tips to help you with your Carrier Services

  • Compare Apples to Apples- if they are quoting you a type of service that different from what you currently have it may not work with your existing hardware and the cost savings may not be as valuable when you look at the big picture
  • Voice and Data a happy couple- Do you get one bill for both currently? If you do you may not be able to break them apart, and if a new carrier is only quoting you data you may just end up having to pay two bills in the end. Even if you were sold on the idea you’d save money.
  • You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole- your current phones or computer hardware is the round hole, and often the proposal you signed has equipment on it that is the square peg BUT NO ONE TELLS YOU THAT! It’s so frustrating for a customer.
  • Don’t ignore the emails- carriers communicate through email, lots of them! They often look like a foreign language so they get overlooked or filed away. STOP they have important dates and requirement in them that you need to know and share with your phone and IT vendors. Prerequisites need to be met or it will cause lengthy delays.
  • TOWNER CAN HELP – we speak that foreign language!

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