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Top 5 Ways to Make Work From Home Successful

By August 5, 2020 January 21st, 2021 No Comments

You do not have to choose between your children or your job during this ever changing back to school season. If you or your company have not already embraced work from home or just need some tips for how to make it a better experience Towner is here to help.

Top 5 Ways to Make Work From Home Successful

5. Get Plugged in

When you can use a data cable to plug your computer directly to your home internet. This will ensure you have reliable access especially if you have other people at home fighting for Wi-Fi Signal. You may also find it helpful to designate “me time” for internet so you are not sharing bandwidth when you have an important conference call.

4. Get Connected

Towner can help deploy Unified Communications (or UC) for you in your home & connect to your desk extension. We have a solution for all our systems that will allow you to make and take calls from home but look like you are at your desk extension. You can implement as a softphone from your laptop or even from your mobile device.

Work From Home3. Get Audio

A good noise cancelling headset will save you during conference calls at home. The noise cancelling feature will reduce the amount of background noises around you like the playing kids or barking dogs allowing your caller to hear your voice better. We work with leading headset manufacturers and can offer the best solution based on your specific needs. Our FAV includes 3 convertible wearing styles, and connectivity for use on PC, desk phones and mobile phones. It is a true multitasker! GET A QUOTE




2. Get Statistics

If you are a supervisor or manager its vital to be able to MEASURE what you cannot see. With so many employees working from home you need the tools to be able to see their success. Towner can bring you live dashboards to show you statistics for your department like how many calls have they taken, how long have they been talking on the phone today, how long have they been unavailable, AND MORE!



1. Get In Touch

Schedule weekly video calls or conferences for your team or other employees to discuss work in progress. Many of our UC tools have these capabilities. This will keep everyone accountable even when they are in their comfy pants on the couch. Plus you can quickly access any remote working issues and get them addressed instead of having employees unable to efficiently get their work done.


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