Mass Notification Saves Atchison Students and Staff

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Mass Notification Saves Atchison Students and Staff

Atchison Spill


Many times our clients scoff when we offer mass notification features, or they bock at us when we point out that critical errors or fixes need to be addressed in their phone system… JUST IN CASE….

Just in case happened to our partners at Atchison School District on Friday, Oct 22, when a major chemical spill threatened the lives of everyone in the area. Luckily the week before and even that Monday, Towner Communications had been working with officials in the school district to perform maintenance and address fixes that would have a great impact on the functionality of their paging system. It’s this attention to the “Just In Case” mass emergency notification system and it’s maintenance, that kept students and facility safe during what could have been a catastrophic and completely unforeseen situation.