The day has come! We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our services and growing our team by joining forces with ITalk Telecontracting, a telecommunications provider in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

For years, Towner Communications has been committed to being the number one provider of telecommunication technology in the Kansas City region, so we knew that acquiring and utilizing the dedicated support staff and technicians from ITalk would benefit our customers tremendously. Our shared vision with ITalk for building and fostering long term relationships with our customers made this merger a no-brainer.

About Italk Telecontracting:

ITalk Telecontracting Inc. was a full-service telecommunications provider located in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area. ITalk sold and serviced all types of communications, including VOIP, IP solutions, Unified Messaging, Cloud Services, Music on Hold, and more. ITalk focused its services to Toshiba products only, and with the closing of the Toshiba Business Phone Division, it made the merger with Towner Communications a smooth and easy transition. ITalk customers have been notified of this merger and contacted directly about what to expect. Their current products will be serviced by Towner Communications until they choose to switch to Mitel products exclusively.


To Our Towner Communications Customers:

To our customers, we promise that Towner Communications will still be the same company, but even better! Our mission remains unchanged, but our team of dedicated support staff and technicians have grown, giving you more help when you need it. We simply have more resources to continue keeping our customers happy!

And to our new Italk family, we want to assure you that Towner Communications will still have the same Italk support staff and technicians on our team that you have grown to love. Same quality people, just under a different company name.


The Towner Communications Advantage:

  • Years of experience in the industry
  • Mitel Exclusive Business Partner
  • Faster response from our support staff
  • Expanded team of certified technicians


We’d love to talk to you more about this exciting acquisition! Email us at for any questions you have. For service requests or service issues, email us at If you’d like to talk by phone, call us directly at 913.780.3166 (option 3).